Optical Illusion

May 16, 2011

One of my strong beliefs is things are seldom as they seem. It really blows to discover this about a person or relationship, but I think it makes for a cool approach to designing clothes.
(Like this. Except, a little less Myrtle Beach boardwalk and little more Parisian sidewalk)
I was going through my closet recently with the intention of finally saying ta-ta to the things I truly haven't worn since high school. There are a few stragglers left that have stuck with me through my 10 or so moves since then and somehow managed to avoid my frequent trips to Plato's Closet in college (where they would have been liquidated into beer money). I came across a Beau & Eros t-shirt that I've never been able to part with.
I justified holding onto it (again) by promising myself I'd work it into an outfit this month. And of course I can't have just one member of this motif in my wardrobe, so I began to look for more. I have totally been inspired by what I found, and am loving all things Trompe L'oeil.
I am head over heels for these! Antoni & Alison Knitwear $135-$310
How I'd wear it.

OASIS Cardigan Print Crop Shirt $27.70
OASIS Prom Dress Tunic $46.16
 DOLCE & GABANNA Pearl and Bow Top $178.50
FOREVER 21 Sailor Tank $19.80
Here are a few more items that will have your eyes consulting with your brain: 
URBAN OUTFITTERS Distressed Wood Floor Area Rug $159
ASOS Double Spike Ring $14.77
JEFFREY CAMPBELL Cutout Oxford Wedge $199
"The Mojito" by Julian Hakes
This is a shoe!
"Teenagers are people who express a burning desire to be different by dressing alike." -Melisa Waldorf

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