Button buzz

February 25, 2012

Watching my husband button his plain white or blue collared shirts every morning always makes me pity the lackluster business suit. Homeboy needs some flair up in here! I suggested he replace his tiny collar buttons with some fun funky ones that I collect from assorted clothing articles and he was like, "What in God's name is wrong with you, woman??" Jkjk, he doesn't call me woman, he calls me nut job. Well fine then, I'll do it myself. Watch and learn, buddy! I didn't want to permanently change or ruin any of my collared shirts by sewing or hot gluing buttons on them, and I don't think I even own two matching loose buttons so....lightbulb! I thought of my sets of stud earrings. I could easily change them out, and they are perfect because they're temporary like pins. One of my favorite pair of studs are these rhinestone bees I got from ASOS a couple years ago.

I just poked them through the tips of the collar , and voila! Instant glitz. Like instant grits, except with jeweled insects instead of ground corn. If you know me and me feelings for collars than you must understand this was a W in my book, because the possibilities are endless! One button up...dozens of collars, without buying anything new.


  1. love the glitz and grits!

  2. that's such a cute and lovely idea :) gives the shirt a little "pop" :D
    very nice blog you have here, dear! :)