March 27, 2012

I know I've been guilty of this too, but I'm sorry y'all...I've hit a wall.  If I hear another Spring fashion buzzword (i.e. florals, pastels, neon, mint etc) via mags, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,  or blogs again I'm gonna go Trace Adkins up in here and start smackin' Grandmas.
Of course florals and brights and prints are popular in the Spring. That's like saying fur is all the rage for winter. I'd consider this revelation a little less trendy and a little more...no %&$!, Sherlock. It happens EVERY year. While I've been in head-to-toe prints, pinks, and frou frou flowers myself- all the talk about it is making me want to get on the first emo train to Hot Topic and make out with a Marilyn Manson poster. I've even been painting my nails black again and went full on goth chick recently in some kind of subconscious rebellion to all of the rainbows and butterflies. And that's saying something, because I never, ever, ever wear black. I need a breather.
Enter- THE STIRRUP. Or what seem to be more or less...well, ski pants.
 They are totally unrelated and unassociated to everything going on right now and lack the cloyingly sweet look of clothing in bloom. I have seriously not seen stirrups since I wore them with my scrunch socks and white Keds in the 90's, but I am loving these.
There's a good chance that these won't be even remotely flattering on me, but hell at this point I'll try anything that isn't splattered all over the cover of Teen Vogue. I know they seem best suited for cocktails in Aspen after a day on the slopes, but the teal and blue pair are totally doable right now. After all it's all about brights, right??? right???
Here concludes my rant & rave. Just to clarify- do I hate flower print? No way. Am I never going to wear pastel pants again? Of course not, I have yellow skinny jeans on right now. These things will forever be pretty, they're just not news.


  1. Ouch! Hope you didn't read our posts this week!!! xo

  2. hahaha. i love it. one more thing that is grating on my nerves is that marc jacobs peplum red/blue stripe top. for one...it is ugly. i don't care of blaire eedie wants to give it to me herself. i'd totally wear it, but still you get my point.

  3. speaking of aspen ... "goodbye my loooovve"