bomber bouquet both ways

May 6, 2015

How well do these floral prints from Kohl's work together? I spent like 3 hours in there the other day because legit ev. er. y. thing  was on soup duper SALE. The blouse I paired with the skirt and bomber (which I wear over everything) isn't even from the same collection but coordinates perfectly. I'm all about the challenge of seeing how many ways I can wear one thing by dressing it up and down, but these all of these fun flowery pieces just make it so easy. In one night I switched from casual in the polka dot pants (for a baseball game with my family) to cocktail ready (for a drink with a friend) just by changing one or two things en route. And yes, by "en route," I mean I switched the joggers for the skirt in the car. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

P.S. Did you see Kohl's did a collab with MILLY? It's freaking print perfection and I just realized that right now the entire collection is 30% OFF. Here's some what's in my cart:

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  1. Really nice jacket and works really well in both of these outfits!