May 9, 2011

I always feel a small rush when I come across new and innovative things that I've never seen before. It's refreshing when a mold is broken, and someone has conveyed or produced a truly original idea. I've never actually seen my own reaction when I find something brilliant, but I'm pretty sure my pupils dilate and my pony tail sticks straight up in the air. BOING! Sometimes I feel like I've seen it all before- so I'm constantly wondering "What's new?? What's next??" These necklace/ scarf/ collar hybrids made me think, "genius."
These are stands and strands of beads!!

Le Charlot $795 of the "Aztec" collection are such a cool combination of a bib necklace and scarf.

Other pieces are embellished with studs, ribbons, sequins, even pearls.

There is plenty more where those came from. If you aren't familiar with the brand, check out their website. The collection is really something you have to see to believe. Spectacular!

2. 11 OBJECTS Detachable Collar
I saw this a few weeks ago on one of my old friends from boarding school. I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, and her picture instantly caught my eye. I wrote her a message expressing my adoration and she gave me a green light to feature it in a post (I'm really big on not stealing ideas, if I don't discover something myself- I always credit the source).

Leopard Print Collar $295

This may be one of the easiest and most ingenious ways to transform an outfit and add personality, baby!
Tan Calf Hair Collar $325
This is Lilly- the picture on the left is the one I originally saw, I love how she double accessorized with bright bib necklaces underneath.

3. FREEDOM by Danielle Scutt Earrings

I think these quirky lipstick and tea pot art deco earrings would be a great conversation piece for a first date. I'm married, so for me...that ship has sailed. But someone please order these, get on, and tell me how it goes!

4. GHOST GOBLET Wine Glasses
Ghost Goblets Set of 4 $89.99

Speaking of conversation pieces- HOW.COOL.ARE.THESE?? You don't have to hire Chris Angel (if you don't know who that is- you're probably better off) for your next cocktail party to have people gawking over a never-before-seen optical illusion. Also,perfect housewarming gift.

5. IRREGULAR CHOICE Heels Irregular Choice Shoe Collection on ASOS $87.86- $268.95

Think Alice in Wonderland on acid. Wait, she was on acid right? I know there's a fine line between "whimsical" and trippy but I think these shoes fall just safely on the side of whimsy.

6. LANVIN Illustrated T-Shirt
Lanvin T-Shirt Dress $1,440

Every girl should have a fifteen hundred dollar t-shirt in her closet, duh. This actually looks really easy to replicate ( project for a blog post) and it would look so cute with black tights, black heels and a loose top knot on your noggin.

7. Louise Gray Mirror Detail Dress

Louise Gray for ASOS Draped Mirror Dress $1,255.10
This is exactly what you would look like if you fell thought the top of a circus tent and hit every acrobat, tight rope walker, and flame thrower on your way down. It's messy, done right.

9. PLASTIQUE Stackable Landmark Rings

A perfect way to keep commemorate the places to which you've traveled, or...gouge someone's eyeballs out!

They also make acrylic earrings and necklaces, but I like the side-by-side rings that spell out words. Obviously they are all customizable- so don't worry if you're name isn't "Kern." (???)

10. DEVANI WEAVER Halloween Monster Dress

Devani Weaver on Etsy Yarn Monster Dress $325
While the rest of your friends are dressed up like a skanky nurse or busting out of thier bumble bee costume, you could be rocking this custom made Muppet-esque little pink monster.

12. ROUGE & CO Monogram Phone Covers

I'm a recent iPhone convert, and I think one of these to cases will be my next purchase.They also have covers for Blackberry, Samsung, and iTouch.

"Some people never go crazy. What horrible lives they must lead."-Charles Bukowski

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