Gameday Outfits

August 11, 2011

I would be lying through my teeth if I said I'm a "guy's girl" and that my absolute favorite thing to do is kick back in sweatpants with a Coors Light and bucket of chicken wangs (not a typo) while watching "the game"  surrounded by a bunch of duders (also not a typo). My idea of a good time has always had something to do with blasting Britney while taking 2 hours to get ready, yanking the tags off of a new outfit, drinking a glass or 10 of Andre with my friends, and hitting the town. This of course was all pre hubby and kids, but I still look forward to date nights of being wined & dined more than any other kind of outing.
Soon after Alex and I started dating, he realized my "high maintenance" tendencies and lack of interest in sports made me a tough nut to crack. Alex is an alumnus of Auburn University in Alabama and according to him he "bleeds orange and blue"(picture me rolling my eyes).
Obviously, not only is that not possible, but as I recall from 3rd grade art class- orange and blue mixed together make brown. So, I guess he bleeds brown. Anyway, every year from September to December it's as if I don't exist. Nothing exists if it isn't between the hedges. I didn't go to a football school, and the only time I ever watched it intentionally was when Carson Palmer was the quarterback at USC (now picture me sighing).
hi hi hi
Needless to say, I didn't understand the whole phenomenon to begin with, but in the SEC it's a whooole nother ball game. Pun intended, I suppose. These people live and breathe college football, and it has totally rubbed off on me. One of the reasons: GAMEDAY DRESSES. It turns out that football is the perfect combination of my husbands favorite past time and an opportunity for me to get dolled up for 9 am mimosas. It took me a year or so though to get totally on board.... At first I was somewhat opposed to standing in the student section with all of the people who actually attend the school singing "it's great- to be-an Auuuburn Tiger" at the top of my lungs, not because I didn't like Auburn, but because I am not in fact, an Auburn Tiger. So I would clap and cheer, but I couldn't bring myself to utter the lyrics of the chants. I usually had also been drinking since 8 o'clock in the morning and couldn't remember my middle name (Jane, by the way) much less someone's Alma Mater. The point is, it made me really uncomfortable to yell "WAR DAMN EAGLE!!," like everyone else in the stadium. I think I developed this mentality after living in North Carolina and being constantly confused by the rare breed of die hard Duke and UNC fans that didn't attend either university. I am always frustrated by the "Carolina" fans who berate and harass Duke fans, even though neither party went there. And vice versa. Very bizarre. Hence, I didn't feel justified in putting my heart and soul into Auburn. Because aside from my boyfriend, I had no affiliation with that school. I realized though, that it made Alex a little sad when I wasn't overly enthusiastic about his pride and joy, so the next season I made a bigger effort. I proposed that if I learned every fight song and sang it loud and proud at games, he would have to get me a gameday outfit for every game we attended. Deal??? Deal! Well I learned every last line of those bad boys and  my obsession with finding all things Navy and Burnt Orange commenced. Some websites like Judith March make gameday dresses specifically for SEC schools,
Auburn University, University of Georgia, University of Florida, University of Alabama
but while most of it's really cute, I like the fun of building an outfit. Throughout the year I collect and save all tailgate worthy candidates. I have dozens of potential outfits this year, which is great because we have season tickets! Even though we'll only be able to make it to a few of them- I still wear the colors wherever we end up watching the game (Auburn alumni bars, a friends house, etc). These are some of my many "idea boards " from which I assemble and accessorize a complete ensemble. 
1st column: GEMMA REDUX Navy and Gold Necklace $65 (to rent),TOPSHOP Navy Eyelet top $50, TED BAKER Orange Bangle $77.58, TOPSHOP Navy Studs 2nd column: GIRL PROPS Orange Fringe Necklace $25.99, TOPSHOP Navy Lion Print Tank $32 3rd Column: TOPSHOP Navy and Gold Paint Studs, TOPSHOP Navy Dipped Earrings 4th column: TOPSHOP Navy Floral Skirt $75, TUCKER Orange and Blue Romper $315, ASOS Orange Purse $25.86 5th column: TOPSHOP Orange Scarf $32, TOPSHOP Navy Cableknit Sweater $76, TED BAKER Orange Ring $60.34, TOPSHOP Navy Pleat Maxi $90
1st column: WAREHOUSE Navy Print Bow Blouse $, TOPSHOP Navy Bangles $, TOPSHOP Orange Dress $76
2nd column: Milly Orange & Blue Necklace $245, J BRAND Orange Jeans $176, GEMMA REDUX Navy and Gold Chain Necklace $50 (to rent) 3rd column: MILLY Colorblock Dress $395, Navy Print Trousers $89 4th column:ASOS Orange Leather Bracelet $17.24, ASOS Navy Necklace $17.24 , MILLY Orange Zebra Print Dress $350

Because the temperatures in "the plains" are scorching until freaking Christmas time, you have to wear summer clothes almost the entire season. When we went to the Clemson game last September, it was 102 degrees. So sick. This year I've divided my options into hot and cold weather outfits.
When it's hot:

When it's not:

 I'm really happy with everything I've found so far, and I can keep the pieces forever and just continue to mix and match them for the next several seasons.

While getting dressed is a big part of the fun- I let go of some of my preconceived notions about rooting for an unaffiliated team and became a fan of Auburn as well. It only makes sense since Alex stuck like 5 AU stickers on our car. It's a school deeply rooted in tradition and makes me green with envy that I didn't consider it in high school. The tailgating is unparalleled, the energy in the stadium is electric, and watching the eagle fly before kickoff ensures there isn't a dry eye in the house. Oh yes, and I have true feelings for the pantless mascot Aubie whose head bobbles uncontrollably the whole game!
 Last year was such a phenomenal time to be a fan- they had the great Cam Newton as quarterback
who lead them through an undefeated season, beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl, went on to win the National Championship, and was crowned the Heisman Trophy Winner. The best news is- because the Carolina Panthers were so God-awful last year, they got Cam as the #1 draft pick, which means we get to see every game he plays in Charlotte! (Panther's gameday post is next)
helloooo, handsome.
I can NOT believe I am saying this- but I am SO PUMPED for football this year. And I am no longer ashamed to stand with the masses screaming WAAAAAAR EAGLE- HEY!!
Rolling the trees at Toomer's corner after a win
Eagle flying before kickoff
My first game in 2007
pickup trucks and dumpsters, baby!
Smiling kiss after the win



  1. Youve got me looking for WVU game day attire, Im a bandwagon fan since dating JT.

  2. Found your post following Auburn outfit posts on Pinterest. A belated welcome to the Auburn Family! The wonderful outfits at tailgate add so much to the pre/post-gameday experience. I keep buying "football weather" outfits but you're right - we almost never have football weather! War Eagle and thanks for the great looks.

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