Relaxing at the Ritz

September 27, 2016

While sorting through a seemingly endless sea of photos captured during my annual September trek to New York for fashion week, I quickly access the flurry of recent feelings associated with each one. Nerves, anticipation, excitement, etc. A packed schedule of back-to-back events, appointments, and presentations is exhilarating but also wildly overwhelming. However, coming back across these pictures from my time at the Ritz-Carlton in Battery Park, I sighed.

During fashion week planning with Ashley, Christina, and Ashley, there were dozens of things we penciled in. Relaxing was not one of them. Unbeknownst to us upon making reservations , the attentive staff and indulgent amenities at the Ritz were going to wind us down anyway.

It's easy to forget to stop and smell the roses, however at the Ritz, you can't help but pause to take in the stunning and fragrant orchid display in the lobby. Within moments of arriving, I think my shoulders dropped 2 inches. 

Walking into our rooms on the Club Level was like Christmas morning. The view! The beds! The Asprey stocked bathroom! The chocolate! I actually jumped up and down on my bed, 90's movie style, screaming like a teen Belieber circa "One less lonely girl." 

Although the accommodations themselves are something to behold, the Ritz- Carlton Battery Park view of the Hudson River and it's crown jewel- Lady Liberty, is second to none in the city. Having a state-of-the-art telescope by the wall to wall window took the breathtaking view to a whole new level. It truly was a sight I've never seen in New York and I love that the Ritz offered a one of a kind look. 

As a self-proclaimed sunset aficionado and all-around appreciator of cotton candy skies, I made some major #RCMemories just looking out of the window at night. Our first evening in the hotel was one for the books with pre-dinner champagne and gourmet snack in the club lounge followed by the most spectacular sunset I have seen all year. Since the Ritz holds a coveted waterfront lot on the battery, having an 11th floor unobstructed view was truly something you have to see to believe.  
It gave me all the feeeeelings!

Get out some wine because here comes the cheese...
Per my mention of the busyness that is NYFW, I got some unexpected yet much needed calm and perspective by ending my trip somewhere tranquil and less bustling than usual. Being in Battery Park only a few blocks away from Ground Zero on September 11th provided moments of appreciation and reflection that I seldom stop to acknowledge when I run around as a slave to an agenda. I had to share this picture and video I snapped from the steps of the hotel on 9/11. Surreal to say the least. I love and miss you madly, New York City!


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