White Power

September 6, 2011

 I don't know who determined that for the rest of time, everyone must refrain from wearing white after Labor day. Why are we all listening to this "person"?? And why is everyone so adamant about it? "Oh my g- did you see that girl wearing white jeans?? Doesn't she know the rules??" Isn't someone being mugged somewhere? Aren't there more important things we should be worried about laying down the long arm of the law on? When I was growing up and was told I wasn't allowed to do certain things because they were  against the "rules", I always questioned- "why is this a rule?" and "who made it?" If it didn't hurt anyone and it wasn't against the law then I usually broke it. And you know what? Those times are the best memories I have. While I am now a more responsible, law abiding citizen I still possess a small desire to buck the system.  So from now on- I, Bethany Middle Name Last Name, will wear white after Labor Day whenever I want to. Dance Party!

"Disconnecting from change doesn't recapture the past- it loses the future." - Kathleen Norris

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  1. your hair in the middle pic looks amaze and one more "rule" to ignore, you can't wear black and brown together, who comes up with this mess?