insta weekend

February 29, 2012

Friday: found one of my first vintage purchases from high school- clip on door knocker earrings.
They are nice and painful when worn for more than 5-7 minutes.
SILENCE & NOISE Herringbone blazer, OLD NAVY Bird Print Top

No pain, no gain!....Haven't quite figured out exactly what it is that I'm gaining though.
So I switched to a green necklace & lighter blazer.
SILENCE & NOISE Blazer, FOREVER 21 Silk Cuffed Trousers

Saturday: Pony up with stud earring collar buttons.
FOREVER 21 Leather Jacket, MILEY CYRUS/MAX AZRIA Chmabray Button-Up, ASOS Bee Studs

Sunday: Another Turbie day
Vintage Scarf as turban (my turbie!!), Vintage Mink Collar,
RARE Fringe Jacket, MILEY CYRUS/MAX AZRIA Chambray Top

FOREVER 21 Box Chain Necklace, MOSSIMO Yellow Jeans

VERSONA Glitter Pumps

Eyebrows: the bigger the better, that's what I always say!
Actually, I never said that until recently- which is why I used to over tweeze to the point of non-recognition.
Thank God for brown eye liner. And hindsight.


  1. Haha cute - totally agree with you on that eyebrow statement! Wish I never over-plucked when I was younger. Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo is a lifesaver

    1. ooo I'll have to check that out. I need an arsenal to avenge mine. Thanks for the tip!