Manic manicure

February 22, 2012

I've made the executive decision that this is my favorite manicure of all time.
 I think if I added some seafoam green, it would be a nail-art depiction of my cloffice.
I've tried this mani many a time and I just can't get it to look good enough to put a top coat on and wear outside.
I've tried to do easier versions of it,but I've yet to get the black oval just right.
I decided I'm going to get an acrylic set of nails put on, and leave it to the professionals. In the mean time though, I managed this look
which is a semi-successful love child of these similar motifs also high on my list of must have hands.

I was going to wait to show my final picures until I had it just right, but I'd rather show ya'll my realistic struggles through the developmental stages of modern day nail art. Practice makes perfect.
No it doesn't. Just go have the Korean lady at Lucky is You Nails do it.


  1. they look amazing! the one with gold and pink is my favourite.xx