Beauty Band Aids

September 26, 2013

Of course the clothes, jewelry, and accessories do all of the talking while attending fashion meccas, but sometimes it's the unseen that makes all of the difference. Here's a round-up of products I was introduced to while in NYC that got me through the week and I've been using ever since.
 1. IOMA Leg Soothing Gel : More heavenly on quads than a Swiss masseuse. After being on my feet for 10+ hours a day in heels I can recall a number of instances where my legs were actually trembling from pain, then when I'd sit...they would throb. This gel refreshes and calms while boosting circulation. BEST part? It contains slimming and firming properties that aid in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Cottage Cheese free is the way to be.

2 & 7: WOW COLOR Shampoo & Conditioner: My hair has been fried, dyed, and blow dried for well over a decade and I'm getting close to the blondest I've ever been. I got my hair highlighted the morning before I flew to fashion week because, God as my witness, I'll never go brassy again! To keep my fresh color and repair the damage from processing, I'm using WOW's Color Security Shampoo & Conditioner which smell super yum and are sulfate free!

3. MARCELLE Eye Makeup Remover: Rated #1 by ELLE Beauty because it makes taking off your face-cake virtually effortless. It's not overly thick orand oily, and you really only need a few drops. I always wear waterproof mascara (because I'm always down for a good mid-day cry) and during fashion week in particular, I've got a good 4 to 5 layers of shellac on my face... so I was pumped when I picked this up at Birchbox Local.

4. WOW COLOR Root Touch Up: Ever since my hair was impermissibly (not a word) chopped from my head, I've been wearing it up a lot because I don't like the length.  However, brushing it back brings the darker shades from underneath to the top, and more "low lights" than I would prefer become visible. This powder compact of color adaptive blonde can be brushed on to lighten roots instantly. It doesn't flake off and even lasts up to 2 days! Of course it comes in Brunette, because I guess you guys matter, too...

5. XEN-TAN Face Tanner Luxe: The browner the better. I may be a lot of of things, but I do everything in my power to make sure pale is never one of them. I look better bronzed, and do too. However, I'm not a fan of the spray tan. There's no way around the orange. Xen-Tan smells like caramel brownies and is actually...well, BROWN. I  use this with my moisturizer to stay summerized all year round.

6. ALOXXI Dry Shampoo:   This one is self explanatory. Where would I be in life without dry shampoo? Even with washing my hair every morning in NYC, running around makes it start to look, um..."unwashed" by lunch. I like this one in particular because the fine mist sprays on clear and volumizes roots. 

8. AGUACALMA Lip Balm & Mask: THIS TASTES SO GOOD. I always put balm under lip gloss , stick, liner, etc to smooth everything out so that I've got an even canvas for color. This cocoa buttery one isn't too shiny or thick and instantly softens and de- chaps. Perfect for day wear and as a lip mask at night.

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