Band at Bluewater

April 28, 2015

What I love about the Azalea Festival is that each event and occasion has it's own vibe and the chance to experience different atmospheres all in one city. Immediately following the more traditional Airlie Garden Party (here comes another pun) I didn't want to miss a beat, so I changed into a beachy, more relaxed look for a chance to listen to the musical stylings of another Road South artist- the very talented, Chase Likens and his band at Bluewater on the river. 
You don't have to ask me twice to have a drink underneath palm trees with a waterfront view, but ladies- there was a dang view. Y'all are welcome in advance for the eye candy. These guys were so funny and dynamic, it was awesome to hang out with them before the performance (and a round of loaded cheese fries) in such a great location with the Belk team. Check out more scenes from the weekend with #BelkScene and #RoadSouth !
Love a breezy beach bar.
Chase Likens & co.
Get in line, ladies!
the coolest crew


  1. The detailing on the dress is beautiful and I love the heels!

  2. Lovely photos! You look gorgeous in this girly dress!


  3. Love this dress -- and Wilmington is my hometown so Bluewater is always a favorite spot! You look fab!
    xo Southern Style

  4. What a perfect outdoor concert outfit. What fun!

    Xo Ally