Wednesday Wish

May 22, 2013

Jessica Hall Design
What a tub, huh? Pretty neato. In other news, I left my camera on a day trip to the mountains last weekend and I'm finally on my way to pick it up from the post office. Hence the lack of outfit posts.
If you'd like to beat me to the punch, you can get your hands on $100 worth of clothes I'm coveting from my Shelf, here. Keeping with the theme of unrelated topics, this is the most important; please text RED CROSS to 90999 to donate $10 for Oklahoma. The cost will be charged to your phone bill, and know you're gonna have mad overages anyway, so just pile it on. Big up to Kevin Durant for his $1 Million Dollar Donation for towards relief efforts. That's what I'm $%#@*&! talking about.


  1. Yes, please! I haven't had a tub (only showers) in our apartment for the last year and I'm having major bath withdrawals.

    Chelsea & The City

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