Fall, ew.

August 31, 2010

Being open about that fact that I do not like Thanksgiving and all of it's brown and orange color schemed glory, has undoubtedly yielded a raised eyebrow or two (or ten) over the years.

However, when I verbalize my strong disfavor of "fall fashion," I instantaneously get a dropped jaw. How can this be the case when the largest and most anticipated clothing publications of the year are the FALL issue? I don't know what it is, I guess the thought of moving all of the fun, colorful, bright, and bold printed mini skirts and sun dresses aside in my closet to make room for bulky chunky "earth toned" sweaters and pants just depresses me.

While fall in Charlotte is by far the best (and most bearable) weather of the year , it presents a frustrating dichotomy. Although the calendar may say September or October, the thermometer very often reads upwards of 70 + degrees. What am I supposed to be wearing after the leaves have turned, and the trees are bare when it's 75 degrees outside? A wool tube top?? I say no. My game plan is to still wear summer brights, except in winter fabrics. However, I do have three "fall" items I am excited to put on. The first one being:

You may not be able to see the detail of the fabric, but these wonderful little stretch pants; look, fit, and feel like the leggings we have all come to know and love to wear in lieu of pants, but they are fall's BFF fabric -corduroy. I find these to be a very happy medium between walking around like a pant less Lindsay Lohan, and looking like a Nordic fisherman. This particular pair is from my go-to website ASOS.COM based out of the U.K. (with free shipping to the US!).
These two pair of cords aren't leggings, but like I said- it's the color I'm after. They are from my never-failing favorite- Forever 21. At $14.90, I will definitely be getting a pair in every hue.

Okay, moving on. The next thing I can't wait to wear this coming season are
I have already acquired two pair and am beyond tempted to just wear them in public already! They are flattering, practical, and cute cute cute. They're perfect for fall because they shield the world from my anything-but-tan legs, but still let me show a little skin before winter hits and I am wearing ski pants to Harris Teeter. I will definitely be wearing standard tights and "stalkings" under dresses and skirts on occasions that require getting a little more dressed up, but for more casual days when I want to wear flats with tailored shorts or a skirt, I will be wearing over-the-knee socks. Having gone through high school wearing a uniform of pleated skirts and knee socks I am very wary of being mistaken as a seventeen year old senior or wearing one of the most played out Halloween costumes of all time - the Catholic School girl. However, because these are a less cliche version of their hit me baby one more time counterpart, I think I should be okay.

The last but not least of items to transition me from summer to winter is a
It will look so cute with skinny jeans, a long tank top tucked in, a brown leather belt, and heels! (I may or may not put an actual varsity "letter" on it, since, well....I'm not, um, on a team. Details shmeetails!)

"If you're not sure where you're going, you're liable to end up somewhere else." - Robert Mager


  1. I just recently found out about asos.com...there are soo many awesome things, but the sizing makes me nervous!!

  2. bethany, proud of your 2nd post but still think you are nutso for wanting a letterman jacket. amanda, the uk is always 2 sizes up, so if you wear a US 4, you should order a UK 8

  3. okay first of all, I hate Thanksgiving too!!!! Turkey effing sucks. Second of all i learned the UK sizing the hard way when I purchased a black dress from topshop in a 6 but ended up having to get a 10. sheesh!

  4. asos has a really good size chart. they give exact measurement for each item. like heather said, if you are a US size 4, order an 8. all the clothes I wore in the city were from ASOS, I got them the night before I left, never tried them on and they all fit perfectly when I got there!

  5. p.s.- thank you three for commenting, i don't feel like im talking to the wall anymore!