new Brahmin beauties

December 22, 2016

Christmas came early this year and Ive already put my first presents to good use. After months of swooning every time I passed the beautifully apoointed Brahmin store in Charlotte, I finally narrowed my wishlist down to two uber functional and equally gorgeous bags to call my own! The Brahmin Sonny Crossbody and Anywhere Weekender have made my holiday travels look so much more chic. Even carrying them through airports the compliments have been rolling in. I teamed up with Brahmin to share these versatile styles with y'all, so you can see how these year round bags lend themselves perfectly to this season's festivities.

While I'm all about dressing with a theme, holiday style doesn't necessarily have to mean red and green or silver and gold for a month straight. I think it's incorporating my luxe feeling pieces like fur , cashmere, leather, and of course sequins into a warmer and cozier wardrobe. I'm obsessed with the Sonny Crossbody, I can wear it anywhere and be hands free but it elevates any outfit to something a little more sophisticated. Not to mention it holds my wallet, keys, 6 plus, sunglasses, AND lipstick. Form meeting function makes me a happy girl.

Via planes, trains, or automobiles, I always try to condense into a carry-on. The Anywhere Weekender fits my laptop, plethora of chargers, outfit changes (including heels!), toiletries, and camera then doubles as a glam purse once I'm unpacked and ready for exploring. 


  1. Love your style!
    Happy New Year <3


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