Name Dropping for Penny Pinchers.

March 31, 2011

This is not news to anyone, but ever since the success of Target's Go International collections, it seems every retailer and their mother is recruiting celebrities and designer labels to create less expensive/affordable merchandise for them. I guess these department stores finally got the memo that their clothes are butt ugly, and no young "trendy" girl with a disposable income wants to roll up to a party rocking a pair of "Dockers" or whatever the heck it is they're selling at Sears. I don't know why it took them so long to realize that cheap doesn't have to mean EYESORE, but the good news is- they have. For instance, once Wal-Mart jumped on this bandwagon I was a little skeptical. Should I really be buying Max Azria at the same place I can get cheez-whiz and an oil change?? Apparently, the answer is yes. Although I had to dig through a few pairs of acid wash glitter leggings (clearly designed by Miley herself), I found quality chambray denim shirts, cute ruffled rompers, and super soft slouchy pocket tee shirts. I have no problem saying that I now own about 10 Miley Cyrus/Max Azria items and I wear them more often than not.
Last year I got these pieces, and still wear them! Miley Cyrus /Max Azria Moto Jacket, Ikat Romper, Denim Button up (yee-haw!)

While good old Hannah Montana herself may have initially sparked my shopping at Walmart, the NORMA KAMALI line kept me there! When I first saw a rack with the words Norma Kamali at the top, I thought my baby blues were playing tricks on me! Okay, actually my eyes are more like muddy brown, but I swear they're green with some black eyeliner on a sunny day! (that's what I tell myself, annnd the lady at the DMV so she'd write "hazel" as my eye color on my license) Anyway- I cannot believe the quality of the clothing for the price. The line is true to form- she sticks to basic pieces in her staple blacks and greys, the clothes fit well, and are all priced around 20 bucks! Buuut, if you wait a week or two, the prices will drop as low as $3! I think this may just be the most underrated guest designer collection at any budget-friendly store. A perk (esp for label-snobs), is that unlike other featured designers who reiterate the fact that you can't afford their real clothes -by putting the cheapo store's name on the label (i.e. Isaac Mizrahi FOR Target, Proenza Schouler FOR Target etc) the tag just reads Norma Kamali and the size :) A month or two ago I got the "batwing cardigan" in grey, I get compliments on it all the time and I wear it almost everyday.Norma Kamali Black Trench, Utility Jacket, Batwing Cardigan (comes in 5 colors), Animal Print Sheath Dress, and Moto Jacket. Norma Kamali at Wal-Mart

A more recent collection is UK Style by French Connection at Sears. The first two pieces below are repeats from my older post, but they fall under this category too, and definitely haven't gotten any uglier:
(i picture this with a green and blue sailor striped sweater tucked in)

Last but NOT least- Sequin Cheetah print mini dress $99.90 (temporarily sold out, but will be restocked)
Moving on...Kohl's. I don't live near one, and I don't think I've ever been. BUT! I DO have a computer, so let's shop! The two designer collections at Kohl's are- LC Lauren Conrad and Simply Vera by Vera Wang. The MSRP on the clothes isn't super cheap but I've noticed that the LC line is almost ALWAYS on sale.

Dot and Ruffle Cardigan $64.00
 "A "No" uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a "Yes" merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble."- Ghandi


  1. I definitely don't remember ever coming across that miley moto jacket, when did that little gem hit wally??

  2. B have inspired me to check out Kohls and Sears! I wish the batwing sweater was as cute on me as it is on you but it is a great find! Keep up your fun posts and when you come down we will have togo to Kohls together :)

    p.s. love the glasses blog!!!

  3. heather what are you doing online at 5:52 am??? The moto jacket is from last year like all of that other stuff.

    j.frye...did you return it??

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