Picnic Basket Case

April 13, 2011

Nothing says summer like Gingham. Somehow, it just looks like the American dream. It's a fabric depiction of sunshine, a white picket fence, green grass, blue skies, a cold glass of lemonade, fresh fruit, a handmade woven basket, and everything else you'd see skimming a July issue of Martha Stewart LIVING. Ah yes, all of the makings for a perfect family picnic. Except- Picnics SUCK. First you have to pack everything into a dozen Tupperware containers (which will inevitably spill all over your car once you back out of your driveway), then you have to unpack everything onto your blanket (which is never big enough for more than one person and a small cat) only to have every ant, mosquito, and fly in a 5 mile radius call up their friends to spread the word about the buffet you've laid out for them, all while sweating your A double $$ signs off in 90 degree heat, eating an egg salad sandwich that got squished in the Zip-loc bag on the way. To me, all of those things sound even worse than that run on sentence. Oh, and if you had kids with you- FORGET IT.. . .So if you're like me, and you think eating out of plastic containers on an anthill sounds more like hell on earth than a fun Saturday afternoon- you might be better off skipping the picnic and opting to dress like one. That way you get all of the beauty of a summer day without the rash from wet grass.Here are my picnic picks:
Ways to Wear:
ANTHROPOLOGIE Button Up Gingham Top $88 &MODCLOTH Tropical Tie Waist Skirt $37.99
TOPSHOP Mustard Gingham Bralet Top $40 & LULU'S Lace Knee Length Skirt $34
FOREVER 21 Rose Skirt $12.80
Lucca Couture Bustier & Modcloth Shorts
PRET-A-SURF Red Gingham Shorts $175 TOPSHOP Floral Tee $66
MODCLOTH Rainbow Cardigan $64.99 & FOREVER 21 Rainbow Woven Belt $6.80
LUCCA COUTURE Gingham Bustier $49 MODCLOTH Nude Scalloped Sailor Shorts $62.99
MODCLOTH Rainbow Cardigan $64.99 & FOREVER 21 Graphic T-Shirt $12.80
FOREVER 21 Yellow Striped Bandeau $3.50 & FOREVER 21 Wide Woven Belt $7.80
Forever 21 Bandeau , Forever 21 Belt, Asos Skirt
Shakuhachi Dress & Forever 21 Belt

"You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you." - Mary Tyler Moore

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