Reel Talk.

July 7, 2011

I am soohooo not a movie buff. Not in the least. I've never even seen Scarface! Or Terminator...or the Godfather, or the Big Lebowski , or any other silver screen blockbusters that Americans are supposed to have watched by the time they stop peeing in the pool. That's actually a bad example because I peed in the pool last week (sorry family). But you know what I mean! I have a top 10 list of films that I could watch over and over, which I have memorized nearly verbatim, and they are all I will ever need. So get outta here with all that Matrix mumbo jumbo. An entire movie where people are pale and wearing nothing but black?? SNOOZEFEST. Now, this is what I'm talkin about...
1. Dumb & Dumber 
"We got no money. We got no food. Our pets HEADS ARE FALLIN OFF!!!"
2. My Father the Hero
"My mother's a prostitute and my dad's doing time for armed robbery"
3. Problem Child 2
"Says who?" "Me and my M-80."
4. The In Crowd
"I brought you into this world and I can take you out."
5. Troop Beverly Hills
"Patches? We don't need no stinkin patches."
6. Clueless
"Why am I even listening to you to begin with? You're a virgin that can't drive!"
7. Team America World Police
"I'm the smartest, most crever, most physicry fit, but nobody else seems to rerarize it."
8. The Count of Monte Cristo
"I don't believe in God." "It doesn't matter, He believes in you."
9. The Skeleton Key
10. Indiana Jones
 the Nazi one and the Middle Eastern one (to be politically correct)
My husband is shocked and appalled that I'm such a cinematic loser, but I think he has a shred of mercy for me because the flicks I missed seem to have a predominantly male cult following. However, I have still failed to mention to him the last of my "indiscretions." I am very hesitant to write this (but it's the honest-to-God truth),until recently three hours ago, I had NEVER seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off either.
 I obviously knew that it was about Sarah Jessica Parker's husband playing hooky from school but I'd never sat down and watched from beginning to end. Well tonight, I did. I guess it was good movie? But really only three things were memorable for me. One was the parade scene, I loved when the dancers came down the steps doing Thriller!
 Second was the high level of discomfort I felt for Cameron. I almost couldn't relax the whole time because of how frustrated he was. Homeboy has more Daddy issues than a strip club.Cheer up Cammy, I'll buy you a new Ferrari....
And lastly, two words: Sloane Peterson.
Is she not the ultimate girl? Down for whatever, rolls with the punches, has a cool name and accent, HOT, and most importantly- even though the film is from 86' she rocks a totally wearable outfit even for the 21st century. From what I was able to gather, it consisted of 10 easy pieces: A fringe leather jacket, belted trouser shorts, black shades, a blue tank top, a small brown crossbody bag, perforated suede flat boots, delicate charm bracelet, a small blue stone ring, a white dolman sleeve top, and a Cartier leather strap square watch that I didn't notice until the last scene (at which point I said, "damn Sloane, where's that thing been??").
ROKIT Jacket $123.24, FOREVER 21 Shorts $22.80, ASOS Sunglasses $20.69, TOPSHOP Tank $12, MICHAEL KORS Boots $310, WAREHOUSE Bag $37.93, MAX & CHLOE Bracelet $70, RACHEL ROY Ring $32, FOREVER 21 Top $17.80, Cartier Watch
Pretty cute, right? Unbeknownst to me, I actually had an ever-so-slight Sloane moment of my own last summer when I wore a fringe bolero with belted paperbag shorts one night.
Hey, watch your hand there buddy.
I totally could of fit right in Ben Stein's homeroom class. I can hear him now, "Bethany........Bethany........."
Yes? No? Maybe so? Yea, not really. I really don't ever see an outfit or person and try to recreate a look. The fun of getting dressed for me is starting with one piece and building on it. But for kicks, I'm going to take this motif and run with it. I figured if I added some things here and there I could tweak the look and be a little more Sloaney. Plus, I have brown hair now so it might just work out. Let's take a look see here (that's what my dentist always says):

I know it's hard to find any difference between these two photographs, but do you know which one is an actual snapshot from the movie?? If you can't tell...why should I? JK JK JK Clearly I'm not as spot on as I would've liked but oh, well.
 Channeling Sloan gave me a new outlook on being a girlfriend.
I love how she always kept her cool and enjoyed the ride (in her boyfriend's best friend's dad's $70,000 stolen car).
And last but not least, this is my 2011 edition in honor of the 25th Ferris Bueller Anniversary :
ACNE Jacket $849, RAY BAN Wayfarer $145, RIVER ISLAND Ring $22.41, STEVE MADDEN Boots $74.50, CARTIER Watch, ORELIA Bracelet $31.03, WAREHOUSE Dress $24, ASOS Bag $60.34, ASOS Belt $25.86
"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it" -Edith Head 

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  1. I laughed out loudddddd and embarrassed myself in front of my dogs. -Jessi