October 13, 2011

I'm flying to L.A. this morning to see my very best friend of almost 2 decades-Paige. I'm not going to write her middle name or last name because if you're anything like me you're going to open Facebook in a new window and look her up. Sike. Who does that?? (.......)
Any.way. We don't get to see eachother very often anymore, but I really feel like I'm 17 again whenever we do. In middle school we used to make eachother mix tapes, in high school we burned CD's for eachother, and tonight I am making a playlist on my iPod for us to listen to while we get ready to go out at night. I think the only white person on it is Gavin DeGraw.  The rest is all of our favorite, wildy inappropraite Foxxy Brown, Ma$e, and Tupac songs from 7th grade when we had Timberlands and Mountain Gear puffy jackets and Paige wore black lip liner like Kim Mathers. I desparately wanted to but my mom wouldn't let me. TT- you are gonna kill me when you read this but thanks to the time difference I will already be half way to LA by the time you decide to yell at me. Oh yes, I call her TT. It's a name we made up over a few Ginger Ales on the rocks late one night in 6th grade at a ski resort. Just put it on my tab.
Now that we're not 13 anymore, our Ginger Ales will probably be spiked and I can't wait to see her and do the butterfly and the Tootsie Roll to Return of the Mack. I can already feel the tingles!
Au revoir until Monday, I'll leave you with our theme song: Breakin All the Rules by She Moves.

"No, pumpkin, no." -TT

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