January 6, 2012

I've had my heart set on wearing this Brian Reyes dress for the longest.

Since I've glitterized and bedazzled almost everything I own, and have been wearing sequins every weekend for the past 3 months, I decided against glitzy apparel for NYE. I thought it would be a little predictable? Annnnd, like I said I couldn't wait any longer to wear this damn thing. Just like clock work, my website savior- RTR dropped it on my parent's porch New Year's Eve Eve with a little incentive for a preview.
You can bet your sweet ass I ripped that box open faster than you could say "this better freaking fit!" and snapped a picture for good old Twitter in my 12 year old sister's Justin Bieber shrine bathroom.
It fit! I would say I breathed a sigh of relief, but I didn't really breathe at all. I kind of stood there and held my breath for a minute hoping the dress wouldn't rip when I finally exhaled. Well, it didn't rip thank the Lawd, but I couldn't get it off... so I waddled to the intercom on the wall and said "helllp. meee.," in a dramatic gasp. After 5 minutes of no one responding, I remembered the intercom system hasn't worked since early 2003. Ok then. I plopped on the bed and wiggled out of the dress in a way which I mustn't describe online. If it doesn't hurt, it's not fashion, people!
Speaking of suffering in vain- I ordered an Herve Leger dress as well which my mom ended up wearing on NYE,
but I liked so much I made impromptu dinner plans so that I'd have an excuse to wear it if only for an hour or so. Um, note to self. Don't ever eat in a body-con dress again. Ever.
As for the RTR requested "PARTY PICS," I submitted these:

My handsome date.
Another rental success. The next morning I popped the dreamboat dresses back in the mail and in Llyod Chrsitmas fashion, drove away staring at the post box singing "goodbye my loooooove" until I hit a tree and my airbag deployed. Not really but that's what it felt like!

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! I can only hope your 2012 is healthy, productive, and full of love.
Love, love, love. Love is all you need.

Okay, I'm done.


  1. dumb & dumber references get me everytime. both dresses looked incredible on both you & your MOM. i've never tried RTR...i'm way behind in life.

  2. Both dresses fit you like a glove! Gorgeous, dahling! As soon as I get a reason..or make-up an excuse, to wear a fabulous dress again, I'm turning to RTR. You've made me a believer.

    1. You will love it. The make the experience so simple and easy!