B SOUP loves: Wear It Both Ways

July 3, 2012

I really cannot do a 4th of July themed post without paying homage to the most sartorially patriotic pair in the U.S of A, Annie McIntee and Kirk Pestin of WEAR IT BOTH WAYS. Red, White, and Blue has never looked better than it does on these two annoyingly gorgeous besties who I initially came across through Instagram. This dynamic duo is the epitome of polished preppy and they just exude this luxe Americana vibe. Annie is the enviable California blonde, messy (but not) top knot and Ray-Ban's girl and Kirk is well...LOOK AT HIM, PEOPLE!
 Not only are they a J.Crew catalog come to life, they are absolutely hilarious and make me wish I had a blogging partner in crime. Don't get me wrong, while they are nautical chic more often than not, they have no fear of all black ensembles and were doing dip-dye denim well before you started your most recent Pinterest project. They were sweet enough to take time away from looking perfect to answer a few questions so you can get to know a little more about their very fashionable friendship while I showcase my favorite Independence Day-esque looks from their blog.
Annie: 20 *beep*/ Palo Alto / San Francisco / Merchant Kirk: 20 *longer beep* / Chicago / NYC / Merchant
1. Give us a brief history of your stylish story:
Our mothers were both fighting over the latest Baby Bjorn Carriage Cover and we crawled into each others arms while they were distracted.  Kidding, we've worked together for 5 years in merchandising at Banana Republic
2. What inspired you to come together and start a blog?
We've made a lot of poor decisions together over champagne brunches, but this one takes the coffee cake.  We wore similar outfits to a restaurant named Luna Park in San Francisco with some friends, and after tipping back a glass(es) of champagne, and then having champagne for dessert, we decided it was time to pull the ripcord.  Or push the camera button as it were.  We had noticed that our styles were extremely similar years ago, but the fact that our desks recently moved one office away from each other coupled with the gorgeous weather (and our clouded judgement) allowed us to take the leap and we pasted together our first photo shoot right then and there, outside the restaurant!  On a broken, pink, Olympus camera from college, that has been fully submerged in amstel light on more than one occasion.  Check the archives, we're not kidding!

3. Would you say your style favors classic looks or new trends? (dumb question, considering!)
We stay fairly classic, but love to pepper in current trends where appropriate, or too delectable to ignore.  For example, HERS has been popping multiple nail colors since before Ruehl closed, but she's not going to paint a summer pictorial on them with suns and clouds and sheep jumping by.  And HIS just eats nail polish ... so, ....
4. Do you find yourself shopping more often in-store or online? Any particular reason?
 We shop more often in stores, but are always "shopping" online, for inspiration.  ... and off of our coworkers, and the streets of SF + NY, and the people sampling food at Costco in line in front of us.  Inspiration can come from all angles and at any moment!

5. Do you consult each other before a purchase?  
Not always, but for those game-time decisions we definitely do.  Thinking of buying that pop-color awning stripe woven instead of the classic navy + white?  Texted Annie.  Can't choose between the best colorway of a drapey linen tank with striations throughout?  Texted Kirk.  Which combinations of oysters to order at Hog Island in SF?  ALWAYS CONSULT. 
6. If you styled yourselves for a magazine cover, what would you wear?
Pending which magazine cover allowed these twins to traipse onto their set, we would have to reach for our favorite personal statement pieces, and reinvent them (chambray shirt, blazer, bow-tie or statement necklace) to push the styling and make it eye-catching. And then ooh, lots of airbrushing ;) 
7. If Wear it both ways had a mission statement what would it be?
 We have 10!  Listed in our WIBW TEN COMMANDMENTS
But seriously, it would have to be about always trusting our own style, and surrounding ourselves with people who we also respect and can draw inspiration from.  And people who compliment our hair.  We like that ;)
8. Favorite Quote:
"When in doubt, overdress"
... not sure who first said this, but lord, it comes in handy!! 
IS THIS ENOUGH 4TH OF JULY INSPIRATION?? Or enough style inspiration, period?! There's much more to see on their Tmblr. Allot yourself time though, you will catch yourself scrolling and scrolling through pages of HIS & HERS perfection.
 For all things WIBW, keep up with these two via:


  1. OMG they are so stinking cute! I have a huge blog crush :) Thanks for sharing B! Happy fourth of july tomorrow!

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  2. Ahhhh...it makes me so happy to see Annie and Kirk get such an awesome shout out! LOVE you both, you gorgeous babes, you!!!

  3. Wow this pictures are so beautiful. Love the outfit who match perfect together. Looks so lovely. Great post
    xo, Petra


  4. They are cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Smile On:)...Classy Pam


  5. Haha these two are my absolute fav!!! Great post idea girly!
    xo Krystin
    Suburban Faux-Pas

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