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October 25, 2012





I chose not to "cover" New York Fashion Week this year because between Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, even your crusty Uncle Jasper from Baton Rouge had posted a picture of Oscar de la Renta's closing look before Cara Delevingne turned during her final walk on the runway. Not to mention, how many ways can I say #OBSESSED without sounding...possessed? Now that the most fashion forward weeks around the world have come and gone, I've been re- stalking the collections on M'oda 'Operandi and have found myself, for lack of a better word- compelled . Compelled to what? Oh, I don't know...cry? Pant? Palpitate? If Siskel & Ebert called Apollo 13 a "rip-roaring thrill ride that tugs at the heart strings," I call Delpozo's S/S 13 collection "a riveting masterpiece that will render audiences speechless, and leave them inspired to burn their yoga pants and bedazzle every inch of their chambray shirts." Truly, these designers are brilliant. You know something is exquisite if it moves you, and moved I am.

"Make no small plans for they have no power to stir the soul." - Niccolo Machiavelli 

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  1. This is one of those post where you can't pick what you really like. I'll have to say that I love everything! Btw, you couldn't have said it better. Brilliant is the word to be use in this ocassion.