Choke Hold.

May 21, 2011

This past Christmas my sweet Nana gave me a box of her vintage jewelry. Two of the pieces were chokers. I wore one of them over the holidays, but really want a few more for this summer. Aside from my wedding ring, I only wear costume jewelry, and I'm usually never willing to invest more than $50 on a single thing because I change my mind so much. So far I've only found a few brand new chokers online that are actually cute, but they are more than I am looking to spend. I really love this first one, so I'm going to buy a lobster clasp and make it myself.
I love the size of this, I think the wider the better.


TOPSHOP Collar $35
Being that chokers are a vintage look to begin with, the next most logical thing for me to do was check Etsy, and voila! I found handfuls of them for next to nothing. I think I'll get the first 3 or 4.  
Chain Choker $15
Bamboo Knot Choker $ 15
How cool is this??
Yellow Rhinestone Choker $49
So girly, I love it.
Pink Bead Choker $38.50
Book Chain Choker $55
ANNE KLEIN Lion's Head Choker $35
White Bead Choker Bib $18
Love this one!
I will follow up with some pictures of my own attempt as well as the new necklaces when they arrive.

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