I'm gonna do it.

October 21, 2011

Going pantless has been a trend among pop princesses for a few years now.
And as usual the fad has trickled down into mainstream retailers, so that you and I can also enjoy the draft. At first I didn't care that this trend was growing in popularity because after I was born I vowed "God as my witness- I will never let my bottom go uncovered again!" But after seeing these bloody knickers I'm having a change of heart. And I'm thinking I'm going to test the waters with this pair:
RARE Sequin High Waisted Shorts $62.86
with black tights undereath of course.
I suppose I should actually be used to this look. When I would hang out with my bestie and her roommates in college at their apartment, we would "Depants" when we got back from class. "Depantsing" is an actual term that we use often, and includes but is not limited to- watching DVR'd episodes of Desperate Housewives in your underpants on a leather sofa while eating pierogies and painting your nails. So, while the event to which I plan to wear these items of sequined ridiculousness has yet to be determined- I know I'll still be able to get a Quarter Pounder at McDonald's on the way. Because the sign doesn't say I can't...
"Just say no to pants, boys and girls!"- the Grimace

"A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something." - Frank Capra


  1. Those were the days. When karmen would microwave her hotdogs for 31 seconds and we would make ano posters for the pantry and tape it shut. Just remember, it's only acceptable to depants on TBG lane or in Myrtle Beach!

  2. what did you type in the search box when looking for your celeb montage? "celebs wearing no pants"?