B SOUP loves: Tartan & Sequins

April 16, 2012

It started with a sock bun...
In addition to blogs & Pinterest, my morning always includes a scrolling stalk session on Instagram. One fateful day I came across a pretty damn good looking slew of pictures from an even better looking blonde that I found after seeing this perfectly poufed top knot.
I probably spent the next 20 minutes liking every other one of her pictures (amazing outfit & accessory outtakes from travels through Paris & Palm Beach) and then of course I started to follow.
The plot thickens....she has a blog. >iPhone gets put down, laptop opens< Tartan & Sequins, you say? Sounds like prep & glitz to me- LOVE IT.
Before, I even start to scroll I realize that this blog is written by not one, but two girls! Double the style, double the outfits, double the fun. That's the statement of the great mint in Double Mint gum! The biggest surprise though, came when I started reading an adorable post about well dressed babies and realized that I know their featured baby! If the stars haven't aligned for this blog-to-blog chance meeting then Mercury is in cosmic retrograde or just going through menopause. Clearly I'm an astrology buff.
Needless to say, I became a follower and the rest is history...in the making.
I can't keep my love for these two to myself any longer, y'all just have to meet the hilariously funny & beautiful duo behind Tartan & Sequins- Allison McDonald & Julia Bayard. After some facebook & gmail convos I was even more convinced that we could be real life friends! I mean, talk about witty and with it- these are girls after my own heart. They say two heads are better than one, and their blog proves that their two noggins together are generating some quality stalking material.
HWSI: How We Style it. Every week they spotlight a trend and each give their take on the look.
When I read their commentary, I definitely hear them talking. Their writing style is super conducive to their cheeky & fun personalities. I feel like I'm sitting at brunch with Miss Thangs gushing over all the latest. And while they have impeccable taste, there is nothing pretentious or exclusionary about their approach to style. Which I love. Some people take fashion so seriously, but while these two rep for the classic and chic girls out there, they also exude that laid back California girl tude. Okay, y'all. Grab your skinny iced chai and get ready to fall in love.
Give us a brief history of your fashionable friendship:
Many years ago, in a land far far away, we met at Miami University, a fine institution of higher learning aptly nicknamed “J. Crew U.” While we got along fabulously, we pledged different sororities and had different majors, which kept us from realizing that they were spirit animals while still living in Oxford. After graduation, we went out to grab the world by the tail - Julia set off to make her mark on Los Angeles, and Allison headed to Chicago to show them how it was done.
Then, several years later, a funny thing happened. By the power of Facebook,
we reconnected. What started out as the occasional “like” on a
mobile upload or comment on a status update turned into something much, much more. At present, we’re are unable to go a few hours without emailing or texting each other over any little fabulous or hilarious thing.
Speaking of J.CREW U. - Allison's wedding feature on the company's site!
What inspired you to come together and start a blog?
After a lengthy Facebook courtship, one of us had an idea that would change the course of history: why not create a blog to share all of this fabulousness with the world? Upon presenting the other with the idea of co-blog-imony, she was met with an emotional “I FEEL LIKE YOU JUST ASKED ME TO MARRY YOU!”
And that, my friends, is how Tartan & Sequins was born!
What's the meaning behind Tartan & Sequins? Was it an easy, unanimous choice?
We kicked around a few ideas, feeling as though when we’d know the perfect name when we found it. We ended up settling on Tartan because of its preppy feeling and sequins because girllllll we love a good sequined mini. So it’s a great balance between preppy and glamorous- just like us!
Is Tartan and Sequins primarily a fashion blog or does it feature other lifestyle inspirations like food or beauty?
We describe Tartan & Sequins as the life & style blog/love child of two California girls who share a passion for all things preppy and fabulous. We navigate party planning, style our bad selves, play beauty parlor, and share our latest obsessions.
I'm a sucker for fonts. How perf are these invitations?
5. Would you say your style favors classic looks or new trends?
Definitely classic looks for me - I think the best part of my late 20’s is that I’m beginning to be honest with myself about what works for me and what doesn’t, and instead of the panic I used to feel at not looking equally great in everything, I feel almost relieved that I have signature shapes that I know work for me. It actually makes shopping SO much easier! For example, I know that low-rise pants make me feel weird, so I don’t wear them (who has the time to shimmy around all day, trying to keep their butt crack from showing!? Not me, toots!). In terms of pant cuts, I know that a straight-to-cigarette leg looks best on me - I love J. Crew’s Pixie Pant, and Julia has definitely made a J. Crew Minnie Pant convert out of me! I tend to choose tops that are a little longer and more fitted, because I look like a Gypsy grand-memaw in blousy or empire waist tops. I tend to mix in new trends using great accessories! - A
My style definitely errs more on the side of classic. I mean, I’ve never met a white t-shirt, a blazer, a good pair of loafers that I didn’t like. What I love is mixing those classic items along with more trendy ones- like say some bright denim or a floral scarf to really punch up the look. And I 100% agree with Allison about knowing what works and doesn’t work on your body. I don’t really like anything tight on top and prefer loose tanks or t-shirts or blouses. I also have mad love for the cigarette pant. JCrew’s Minnie is my go-to!
- J
Do you find yourself shopping more often in-store or online? Any particular reason?
So, as of late, I am really making an effort to force myself to shop in-store, because I tend to impulse-buy when I online shop, and then end up returning 90% of things I buy online. But sweet mother of God, do I love shopping online - if I’ve had a glass of wine, don’t let me near a computer or I will come up with SO many things I NEED! - A

I am the queen of the online shop for brands I know and trust- like J. Crew. I mean, I know my size and what cuts and colors work on me there so why not? Plus there is more of a selection online which I appreciate. I also buy a lot of jewelry online as I like that 9875349875987987 (yes, that is an exact number) stores are at my fingertips. If it doesn’t work out for some reason, I just return it, no big deal. - J
Julia's eclectic wrist action.
Do you share clothes?
UM WE WISH. But we buy a lot of the same items so that’s kind of the same thing right? Minus the outlay of cash but that’s a minor detail.
If you could inherit anyone's wardrobe, whose would you choose?Meredith Melling Burke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emerson Fry. - A

Hands down, Olivia Palermo. Can I inherit her figure too? - J
If you were stuck in one outfit for the rest of your life would you rather an evening gown or jeans and a (cute) t-shirt?
I would take a great-fitting pair of jeans and a cute t-shirt over an evening gown any day! I have to be able to sit Indian-style, babes! - A

T-shirt and jeans for me as well! I love me a classic v-neck and some dark denim. Dark denim with a lot a stretch that is, if you catch my drift. - J
Behind clothing and accessories what's your next biggest beauty investment- Makeup, Hair, or Skin Care?
Great question! Makeup is definitely my biggest beauty investment after clothing and accessories - if I notice a new product on one of my girlfriends, you can pretty much bet that after grilling them on it and poking through their purse to see if they brought it with them (and slathering it on myself accordingly), then buying it for myself asap! - A

I'd say I invest the most on my hair. Someone once told me that great hair makes an outfit- and I believe it! I'm not saying I have the best hair but Lord knows it could be A LOT worse! - J
If you styled yourselves for a magazine cover, what would you wear?
I think that I would go with the cuts that I already know work best for me - cigarette leg pants, a fitted top and a great blazer in a bright color, with killer heels and crazy-huge jewelry. - A
OMG where do I begin? Are we assuming here that I have the body of a model? Oh we are? Okay good. So my tan model self (see how I snuck tan in there?) on the cover of a magazine. I would DIE to wear a Gucci number from the Tom Ford days. Pretty much any of the collections. That man could do no wrong. - J
If Tartan & Sequins had a mission statement what would it be?
Tartan & Sequins was created to celebrate all of the things we love and feel passionately about. Using social media and questions in posts, we encourage our fabulous readers to chime in - we strongly believe that the best recommendations and tips are personal, and we cherish all of the fabulous people we meet every day via the blog.
Favorite Quote:
Speak for yourself, or someone else will speak for you. - A

Go big or go home. - J

I'm such a fan of their enthusiasm! Julia and Allison are definitely a refreshing pair. I asked them to put together some warm weather picks for Summer 12' . Here are their amaze finds:
Allison is loving...
Devon Baer Tunic, Julie Collection Byzantine Cuff, Ray Ban Jackie Ohh II Sunglasses, Claridge & King His is Hers Bridal Shirt, ChloĆ© Perfume J.Crew Maxiskirt, K. Jacques Sandals, GiGi New York Teddie Tote, J. Brand Jeans, Vintage Tribal Belt, Clare Vivier Clutch, Origins Self-Tanner for Face, Claridge & King Great White Shirt, No. 2 ,Vintage Riding Boots (similar), Old Navy Chiffon Leopard Print Top
Julia has her eyes on ...
HOUSE OF HARLOW Sunglasses, LAUREN HOPE Necklace, EQUIPMENT Blouse, ME TOO Flats, J.CREW Sweater, J.CREW Jeans, OLD NAVY Belt, BAUBLE BAR Earrings, BAUBLE BAR Bangle, KATE SPADE Bangle
Don't worry, people. The fun doesn't have to end here. Keep up with these two online & your phone for all things polished prep:


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