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April 16, 2012

Blog mug from my BFF, Easter hunt outfit complete with a seemingly bad attitude, Moroccan Oil to-go, Purple/Polka mani
Family Dinner, Poolside with my little sister, Prints for the weekend, new Proenza Schouler wallet
Fun drug store cheapies, comtemplating glasses, pastel/polka mani, Camilla & Marc dress


  1. you look entirely too cute in the yellow pants, striped shirt, orange jacket combo. and where are you? b/c i love that room!

  2. no, not about pot. althoouugghhh, i will be adding hemp meal powder for protein to the smoothies. and WHAT ON EARTH are you going to do with 20 lbs of chia seeds?! i didn't think about the crusty meat option...perhaps would be good with tuna? interesting. thanks mr. b soup.