Brooches with the Mostest

July 27, 2012

Last year my Nana came for the holidays and brought me a box of her vintage costume jewelry, which included a handful of brooches. I was going through my closet packing for a trip last night and discovered that I had left almost all of them on one dress. I wore it to a brunch recently and I guess since I managed to not spill a Mimosa all over myself, I just hung it back up. I'm a big Loser McDooser and almost never have a raging arm fiesta like everyone else, so this is my little cluster of jewelry. I've been seeing brooches popping up in stores (they were even spotlighted on WhoWhatWear) but I like that mine are special and from someone I love. However, I'm loving these to accessorize a collar as well.
Emerald, Pearl & Chain, Mixed Jewels
If you want to test this look before making any purchases, try one of my favorite ways too make your collar funky fresh. Poke a fun pair of stud earrings through the tips (like this). Shit, if you want to, just hang a little gold chain between the two posts and you've got your own damn designer jewelry.
 My Nana said she reads my blog Hi, Nana! Thank you for the sparkles, sorry for my potty mouth.


  1. Great idea - might have to copycat you ;)
    xo Krystin

  2. Love the collar accessories! So pretty, especially the green one!

    xoxo Bree

    The Urban Umbrella