Which Warby's?

April 26, 2013

TENLEY in Burgundy Fade
MALLORY in Gimlet Tortoise
DOWNING in Walnut Tortoise
CLYDE in Striped Chestnut
MABEL Sunnies in Gimlet Tortoise

I've been "tagged" by a few fellow bloggers to participate in a viral post revealing "5 things you don't know about me." However, over the past month or so since I was asked, I haven't been able to narrow it down a read-worthy list. I could write things you "didn't know," like... I'm not really this blonde. But, no shit. Or I could disclose that I drink skim milk with virtually every meal, even sushi. But then you would just blow chunks in your cubicle. One thing I've thought about mentioning is that, my entire life I have longed to wear glasses. However, I already expressed those feelings in a very amateur blog post once upon a time ago, it doesn't exactly qualify as a dirty little secret. I digress, although I have superb eyesight, I still wear glasses when I feel like I'm among enough people that are unaware of the fact that I don't need them they're fake. Although...the missing lenses should be a dead giveaway.
Enter Warby Parker, purveyors of all my four eyed fantasies. Their collection is tortoise shell heaven on earth and the epitome of geek chic. The best part is that you don't have to take my word for it. You can try out your favorite 5 pair at home for...FREE. After 5 days you pick & pay for your favorite, stick em back in the mail and that's that. Easy breezy mac n' cheezy.
These are the 5 I chose for my in-home trial. I think Tenley & Mallory are my favorites. Taking suggestions!



  1. You look so intellectual! Ha, 1 & 2 are definite faves, and also the sunnies. What the hell, keep 'em all ;)

  2. I actually like the Clyde! But you really can't go wrong...they all look good! I have a pair of Warby Parker's and I love them! The home try on was so much fun!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  3. i agree with nikki! def. 1 or 2. you little smarty pants, you.

  4. two and five! two and five! xoxo

  5. I #1, the Tenley is my favorite pair on you! But it appears you can pull off anything so... You're great regardless :)


  6. Love your Warby's! I just tried on my 5 pairs last week, but I am still not sold on the right pair for me! I'm loving Clyde and Mallory on you!


  7. They all look so cute on you. It's hard to pick one, but the Tenley is my #1 pick.

  8. well I look forward to hearing the list when you do find it worthy hehe loving the 5 things posts I love every pair of glasses, okay maybe not the last one.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

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  10. they all look amazing! i'm especially obsessed with cat eye sunglasses on you though... you've inspired me to get some! also- your blog is what made me finally create mine! i've been obsessed with fashion forever but always put off making my own until now :) keep it up; you're my daily read!

    check out my blog guys <3 i'm new here!


  11. I LOVE the Mallory frames on you B! Your facial expressions in this post are priceless.

    Chelsea & The City

  12. Love Warby Parker!! Definitely vote for Downing! Too cute!


  13. I like the Mallorys better than the Tenleys for the sole fact that it has lighter shades of tortoise in it which mirror your blonde highlights! Big fan of glasses matching hair.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  14. Definitely Tenley and Mallory, I think the Mallory's really flatter your hair color! =]