You look so good it hurts sometimes.

June 10, 2011

Sometimes Everytime I go shopping in-store, I turn into a total weirdo and get this feeling of anxiety mixed with excitement and I talk to myself in my head to calm and collect my racing mind- "Okay, Bethany. Just take it one rack at time, piece by piece, section by section." I square my eyes, tune everything else out, and try to act like I've been to a mall before. The thought of overlooking that one perfect item amidst the mass of merchandise overwhelms me to no end. And although I always go into my excursions with some kind of budget in mind, I take it out of the equation for the time being as to not impede any dressing room hopefuls. Once I have covered every foreseeable corner, I head to the dressing room in hopes that half of the clothes won't fit since I now have quadruple what I was looking to spend hanging on one wrist alone. However, when this does not happen and I MUST have it all, my anxiety turns to anger. I scowl as I am forced to weed through my pile and discard things that I'd do anything not to part with. I stomp to the cashier with my fists clenched and am in a rotten mood for the next couple of hours. I believe there is a term for this behavior- it's called...BRATTY. Well sooo what. I love them okay?? I could see our future together! Online shopping is just as overwhelming (if not more) because the options are endless, but I am far less anxious while doing it. Unlike a store, where I drive away knowing everything I tried on will be gone by the next time I return, online shopping obviously affords me the opportunity to continually check on what I want and make sure it's still available. While I always have a countless number of clothes I'd like to purchase, these are the one's I want so bad it hurts.
MANGO Mod Colorblock Dress $99.90
AQUA Evening Gown
ASOS Cut Out Colorblock Dress $60.34
ASOS COLLECTION Yellow Bead Dress $310.30
ASOS Panel Sleveless Top $60.34
ASOS Embellished Crop Top $103.43
REVERSE Sequin Tank Dress $62.06
PIPPA LYNN Paint Print Cape $86.20
AQUA Halter Panel Dress $224.11
ASOS Paint Print Cocoon Dress $146.53
I can't wait for this one!
SALON Scallop Embellished Top $146.53
So captivating.

RIVER ISLAND Bamboo Handle Bag $63.78
ASOS Cobalt Portfolio Clutch $34.48
ASOS Woven Gold Envelope Clutch $51.72
ASOS Golden Ball Tassell Bag
I am so obsessed with this!
MICHAEL KORS Navy and Gold Chronograph Watch
Love the nautical colors for summer.
ASOS Leopard Mary Jane $77.58
More lady like thank the chunkier versions.
WAREHOUSE Embellished Crop Jacket $105
I just melt over this.
WAREHOUSE Tribal Maxi Dress $129
WAREHOUSE Leather Sequin Dress $160
WAREHOUSE Utility Sleeveless Top $61
I can think of a million ways to wear this.
TOPSHOP Cut Out Gold Button Top
TOPSHOP Double Button Jackets

TOPSHOP Linen Waterfall Jackets
CHELSEA CREW Saddle Shoe Heels $61
ZARA Floral Print Dress
ZARA Black Tulip Dress $169
ZARA Colorblock Strap Flats $69.90
ZARA Gold Woven Ballerina Flats $79.90
To wear every day.

JEFFREY CAMPBELL Wooden Cutout Peeptoe $162
JEFFREY CAMPBELL Pointy Toe Booties $168

By the way, I was totally kidding about having a temper tantrum when I can't get everything I want. Kind of.

"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good" -Thomas Paine

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